Budapest Sessions

BudapestSessions was established to offer orchestral music recording
and production services for international clients, in Budapest.
It consists of a network of professionals to provide composition,
arrangement, and music recording, including booking studios
and orchestras.
BudapestSessions is headed by composer/arranger/producer
Peter Pejtsik.

"Excellent facilities, professional performances, impeccable courtesy:
We certainly would use them again, and will recommend them to anyone.
Peter has done a fantastic job"
Andrew Fisher & Stephen W. Parsons composers
for the film "Nine Miles Down"
"It has always been a boon, to be able to add Peter, to a working team.
He not only excels in his arrangements, which are sensitive,
and powerful, when appropriate, but he brings great organisational skills,
and good humour to projects. Thank you!"
David Rhodes, composer/producer, Peter Gabriel band
"The service Peter P provides is professional, inspiring and fun.
The sessions are efficient and relaxed, the recording facilities are well
maintained and seamlessly operated, the rooms sound comparable to the
best in the world. You really don't need to worry about going to Budapest."
Richard Evans, composer/producer, Real World Records Contact